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As we have moved into the visual & digital age, what we SEE has overtaken what we HEAR. Our First Impressions are based first and foremost on what we SEE! Then we observe BEHAVIOR and VISUAL SIGNALS. Ultimately we LISTEN to what is being said. All this takes seconds.

JOB INTERVIEWS: How do you look at first glance? When you shake hands are your nails clean and your palms not sweaty? When you speak, is your breath fresh and are your teeth clean? Are you doused in cologne or perfume? Is your deodorant working? Is your attire spotless and are your shoes shinned? And when you do speak, are you courteous and clear in your pronunciation. Did you remove the gum you were nervously chewing and instead take a breath mint?

What is a visual signal? Are you nervously shaking your leg while seated? Are your palms sweating? Is your eye twitching? Are you confidently seated or are you sitting forward on your chair? Does your very body language communicate nervousness or confidence?Did you do your interview homework? Did you research the company culture you wish to join and the job requirements? Are you dressed appropriately for your interview?

Did you put together your resume?  You may have applied online and been asked to interview, you still want to walk in prepared as best as you can be. Are you ready to present yourself and your qualifications with confidence? How will you positively distinguish yourself from others applying

for the same job? Don’t be discouraged if you do not get the job. Use the interview opportunity as a vehicle to check yourself and what you could do better next time? When you do receive your job offer and accept, be confident that you presented well. Now your job actions and interactions will ready you for your next opportunities. Always remember the cover and subject of a book intrigues you to open it and read…perhaps now-a-days on your tablet or your phone…enjoy the accomplishment and see what you can add to your arsenal of knowledge!


Written by Irene Mink

Chicken Tarragon

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Food Talk Radio’s Nina Sokol resident dietitian and talk show host on New Day Talk Radio dazzled the staff with her Chicken Tarragon. This succulent dish was prepared for a private dinner with The Major ( Lynette Jones) who returned home from a trip to London.  The Major tasted Chicken Tarragon during her trip to England and thought is was a tasty English dish. She shared her experience with Nina whose mental wheels immediately started to turn. Nina set a plan in motion and decided to make the dish as a Welcome Home dinner. It was dee-licious!

French tarragon is an herb; it is considered a great culinary herb.  Don’t be shocked but the tarragon herb has been used in France for over 800 years to cook many dishes especially chicken.   Tarragon originated in southern Europe and now can be found in Asia, and the western United States. This herb definitely has a strong flavor. Its nickname is “little dragon” which derives from the French word for estrogen.

Tarragon can be included in a variety of food dishes.  It really compliments chicken. One unique quality is that heat causes tarragon to diffuse very quickly through prepared food. Nina is an experienced cook who knows what tastes good to the palette. If you want to get an idea of what healthy food dishes Nina can prepare, just watch her show On Demand at :“Food Talk Radio”  or check her out here:Food Talk Radio Show


Hello Everyone, Just a friendly reminder

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Hello Everyone, Just a friendly reminder to tune in on Saturday to watch The Major Show hosted by Major Lynette Jones who has returned from Afghanistan after serving two tours of duty. She is back in the drivers seat ready to rock and roll. Listen to her show Saturday January 14th, 2017. At 10:00AM PST.

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